Top tips for Maths Revision

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be providing some subject specific tips on how to get the most out of your revision.

The whole point of revision is to remind and test your knowledge on a variety of subject areas prior to an exam. It sounds easy doesn’t it? The best and most productive way to revise is to tailor your revision technique to the subject in question.

So, how does this work with maths? Maths is focused on having a methodical approach and full understanding of the question being asked. It seems basic but students need to know what they are being asked and apply the correct method. In maths you are being asked to solve, there are few options here so it’s all about the correct process.

The main similarity with English is that exam marks are awarded for evidence. Taking methodical steps, maths is all about showing the examiner the steps taken to solve. Just as baking a cake, you’ve remembered the flour, eggs, sugar but forgotten the baking powder – here the examiner would still award marks for remembering most of the ingredients even if the cake turns out slightly wrong! Tackle revision through applying solving steps and formulas regularly to a variety of questions in complex maths areas. Sitting and reading about topics won’t work; test your knowledge of the method again and again!

Here are some main revision pointers for maths:

1.       Take a methodical, step-by-step approach to solving questions. Write each step down and review them at the end of any practice paper.

2.       Apply formulas to a variety of questions. Learn from each question structure to fully understand the purpose of the formula being used.

3.       Use acronyms to help memorise. For example SOH CAH TOA!

It’s important to enjoy revision and see its value. By taking breaks and approaching each subject independently, you’ll start to see how much you can learn from one hour with the correct tactic rather than three hours of just reading.

Keep an eye on our blog for more revision tips.