Tuition Options

Beam Tuition provides 1-1 tuition at the family home or at a convenient venue, online tuition via Skype and group tuition.

Online tutoring is something we pride ourselves in as we have a proven track record that shows great success and minimal difference compared to traditional in-person tuition. In fact several parents have told us that it is less disruptive to their routine and family schedule. Have a read through our testimonials to hear more about our tuition. Although our tutors are based in Exeter, we will always try to meet families in person before online tutoring starts.

Listed below are some of the benefits for each type of tuition we provide.

1-1 Tuition

Individual Tuition is a great option for students who lack confidence in their subject area, or may need a quick knowledge boost prior to exams or other educational milestones.

Benefits of 1-1 Tuition:

  • Unique learning styles and preferences are identified within one session.
  • Learning approach changes over time, students pick their favoured revision method for each subject and 1-1 Tuition adapts fully to this.
  • Continuing discussion with students enables greater engagement in the subject, but also confirms understanding throughout.
  • Effective, quick learning over a short time frame.
  • The Tutee’s level of specific topic understanding is fully recognised by the Tutor and a structured learning programme can be regularly reviewed.
  • Teacher and student rapport builds quickly; therefore students feel more confident to ask questions.
  • Individual learning removes any peer pressure.

Students quickly gain confidence in their increased understanding, which not only improves their ability but also improves their day to day school learning.

Online Tuition

Live, online tuition is a great option if you’re in a rural location or have a busy schedule. Several of the same features for 1-1 tuition are met but are communicated through a digital channel.

Benefits of Online Tuition:

  • Distance and time spent travelling to a Tutor is no longer an issue.
  • Some students may prefer using a computer to learn through and many already use computers regularly at school.
  • Fully flexible learning. You can now take your Tutor with you regardless of location – perfect for busy families.
  • Quick and simple software set up makes online tuition an option for all.
  • Rural locations are no longer limited and can now access a fabulous range of Tutors.
  • Interactive software such as a digital, live whiteboards can be included.
  • Occasionally entrance exams will take place online, so familiarity of learning through technology is a huge benefit.
  • Teaching resources can be shared and saved as digital copies.

Although seen as a relatively new concept, online tuition is widely recognised and used in the university sector to enable guest lectures to take place from all over the world. Flexible, time efficient and easy to set up, online tuition may be a great option to fit in around your family timetable.

Group Tuition

One of the most distinctive features of Group Tuition is the interaction and productive discussion students can take part in. Our sessions usually run at the Exeter Phoenix but minimum student numbers apply for the course take place.

Benefits of Group Tuition:

  • Communication between pupils allows for knowledge to be shared and engaged discussion to take place.
  • Confidence builds from talking in groups, which allows independent thought and curious minds to thrive.
  • For some pupils, tuition within groups may be less daunting as they are familiar with a classroom environment.
  • By working with other students, social skills can be enriched in a group study setting.
  • A change from the school setting. As students will be from a variety of schools - peer pressure is removed and a more neutral setting can be established.
  • Teamwork skills build during group tuition, which is crucial for future university study.
  • Centre, or group based tuition, can be a good long term supportive wing to a child’s progress through the National Curriculum.


We keep up to date with any changes to the curriculum and use the most relevant teaching materials, all of which are tailored to your child's learning.

Below you will find a list of useful resources from both exam boards and educational publishers:

Contact our friendly team to find out more or to discuss which type of tuition would be best for your child.