In-person tuition

In-person tuition is a great option for students who lack confidence in their subject area, or may need a quick knowledge boost prior to exams or other educational milestones.

Benefits of 1-1 Tuition:

  • Unique learning styles and preferences are identified within one session.
  • Learning approach changes over time, students pick their favoured revision method for each subject and 1-1 Tuition adapts fully to this.
  • Continuing discussion with students enables greater engagement in the subject, but also confirms understanding throughout.
  • Effective, quick learning over a short time frame.
  • The Tuteeā€™s level of specific topic understanding is fully recognised by the Tutor and a structured learning programme can be regularly reviewed.
  • Teacher and student rapport builds quickly; therefore students feel more confident to ask questions.
  • Individual learning removes any peer pressure.

Students quickly gain confidence in their increased understanding, which not only improves their ability but also improves their day to day school learning.

'She really appreciated your teaching and we have seen a considerable improvement. She has definitely put the effort in and was much more self-disciplined this year but it was evident that you had inspired her.'

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