Henrietta - Lead Tutor and Online Specialist


  • University of Oxford, Effective Online Tutoring, 2015
  • University of Exeter, Management with English, 2011
  • Concord College, A levels and GCSEs


  • Professional tutor with over 7 years experience
  • Professional development in online tutoring
  • Online specialist and trainer
  • Careers coach for young professionals
  • International summer school teacher
  • Business partner volunteer - Generation STEM partnership
  • Inspiring the Future volunteer
  • Inspiring Women volunteer


  • English - Key Stages 1 and 2
  • Maths - Key Stages 1 and 2
  • 7+ and 9+ exams
  • 11+ (CEM and GL exam boards) and 11+ mock exams
  • 13+ (Common Entrance and ISEB)
  • Independent school exams (mid-year assessments)

Tutor profile

How did you become a tutor?

I've been lucky to work in a variety of educational environments. These have included international summer schools, university welcome teams and both teaching and pastoral roles in boarding schools. I have taught and worked with students who are from the age of 7 up to 18. Whilst studying for my degree at the University of Exeter, I became a residential mentor with INTO University of Exeter where I supported the welfare of over 50 international students. The role involved promoting the social programme and maintaining a sense of community spirit across the halls of residence. Due to my experience in both mentoring and teaching, tutoring became a natural progression for me. I wouldn't change my job for the world - it's so rewarding to help students in their education and watch their confidence grow

What factors are important during tuition?

Rapport is crucial. The reason for this is that a student must feel comfortable to ask questions or challenge concepts - this is where 1-1 tuition can help. A nervous pupil may not benefit from traditional classroom lessons as they are unable to fully engage in discussions. With 1-1, focused tuition, there is the opportunity to pinpoint subject areas and speak freely without peer pressure. On speaking to new parents, I discuss the importance of rapport and explain that within the first session both you and your child will know if I am the right tutor. In terms of how I tutor, I go through topics in detail and try to relate, particularly in science, real life examples to help students’ understanding and to make subjects more fun. I regularly ask questions throughout tuition to gauge retention and help build confidence. Pupils are more often than not surprised by what they remember and this reassures them in their ability moving forward. 

What have your students achieved?

If I focus on exam results, over 90% of my 11 plus pupils have obtained an eligible score in their grammar school test. In 2016 and prior to, 100% of my pupils passed their 11 plus, for both grammar and independent sectors, and were awarded places at selective schools across the UK. For common entrance applicants, all of my pupils have passed their exams for a variety of schools across the UK. I have been lucky to tutor students further afield due to online tuition and this has given me great experience in preparing pupils for exams outside my immediate region. My other pupils are currently getting ready for GCSE maths and English.

Many families have mentioned how their child’s confidence has improved since tuition, not only in the subject they were tutored in, but as an individual overall. This in many ways is as important as grades achieved. Through the improvement in confidence, a child can start to flourish and will start to get more out of their school setting.

What does Beam Tuition represent?

Several people ask me this. In a nutshell, Beam Tuition is here to help children improve in their understanding, to enjoy learning and have greater self-confidence. Therefore in doing so, they ‘beam’ (smile lots) and shine (or sparkle) with the success of having done so!

What do you do in your spare time?

Outside tuition and lesson planning, I am normally found walking my dog, Lula, along a lovely Devon beach. Lula is a rescue from Spain and I’ve taught her the English basics so far! We are training for a 10km run so I hope to be fundraising for a local charity soon