Online Tuition

Live, online tuition is a great option if you’re in a rural location or have a busy schedule. Several of the same features for 1-1 tuition are met but are communicated through a digital channel.

Benefits of Online Tuition:

  • Distance and time spent travelling to a Tutor is no longer an issue.
  • Some students may prefer using a computer to learn through and many already use computers regularly at school.
  • Fully flexible learning. You can now take your Tutor with you regardless of location – perfect for busy families.
  • Quick and simple software set up makes online tuition an option for all.
  • Rural locations are no longer limited and can now access a fabulous range of Tutors.
  • Interactive software such as a digital, live whiteboards can be included.
  • Occasionally entrance exams will take place online, so familiarity of learning through technology is a huge benefit.
  • Teaching resources can be shared and saved as digital copies.

Although seen as a relatively new concept, online tuition is widely recognised and used in the university sector to enable guest lectures to take place from all over the world. Flexible, time efficient and easy to set up, online tuition may be a great option to fit in around your family timetable.

'We have greatly appreciated the help she has given and have found the Skype sessions fit easily into our hectic family life! We would highly recommend Hettie.'

If you're still unsure whether online tuition works or is right for your child, why not have a read of our blog exploring 14 reasons why you should try online tuition?

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