Here you'll find some of our parent and student feedback.

'I chose Hettie from the internet because instinct told me she was the right person to tutor my 10 year old in maths and English 11+ through Skype (we do not live in the UK). My instinct was correct. Although we were quite late in starting tuition, Hettie rose to the challenge with a professional approach, making sure that all the necessary topics had been covered, repeating those that my daughter had not yet fully grasped and taking the time to send over extra work when she thought this necessary. She explained problems with patience and clarity. Importantly, Hettie also managed the difficult task of imparting a substantial amount of knowledge in a short space of time with unwavering patience, warmth and humour. From the first session she and my daughter built up a friendly rapport and now it is over we rather miss her in our lives. I would not hesitate to recommend Hettie to any parent seeking a tutor for their children – I doubt you could find a better person.'

- Feedback from Honor's mum.

11+ tuition (online)

'We were very pleased with Henrietta's very expert tutoring of our daughter.  Always professional, she quickly established a good rapport.  Our daughter genuinely enjoyed their weekly sessions and made great progress in her school work over the eight months they worked together.  Those were the main objectives, from our perspective - an educational challenge that was also fun, stimulating, and effective.  Henrietta was also very helpful in re-arranging dates and times of tutorials on occasions when we needed to change them due to diary clashes.  Her good work was fruitful - our daughter gained an eligible mark in Colyton Grammar School's entrance test in October 2017, which gives her great options.'

- Feedback from L's parents.

11+ tuition (in person)

'Miss Hettie was a great teacher, even though, I was her student for only 5 lessons, I would highly recommend her, she has taught me great skills in answering my comprehension questions for English language GCSE. She identified my weaknesses and strengths, helping me enhance the skills to gain full marks in my answers. I enjoyed our lessons due to her utmost knowledge and passion for English which motivated me to work harder towards my goal.'

- Feedback from Yusra based in Dubai.

GCSE English tuition (online)

'A long summer holiday followed immediately by a 11+exam - how to keep my granddaughter focused whilst staying with me- easy answer- Hettie!! What a lovely lady. With her instant rapport she helped Maisey increase her confidence and understanding, gain a positive outlook and greater concentration which resulted in a successful outcome. Many, many thanks, Alison'

- Feedback from Maisey's grandmother.

11+ exam holiday tuition (in person)

'I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being such a wonderful tutor to my two children. Your hard work and diligence helped my son pass his entrance exam and thus enabling him to earn a place at Reading boys grammar school. I'm particularly fond of your polite yet professional manner and the way in which you make the lessons engaging and fun for the students. Your friendly approach makes learning a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the student. You've helped the children with difficult and challenging topics, which the children to this very day praise you for, particularly Pythagoras theorem which my son thoroughly enjoyed learning with you. I would recommend your tutoring to any prospective parent or student looking for a private tutor.' - Feedback from Hashim & Aminah's mum.

Eleven Plus and Key Stage 2 tuition (in person and online)

'A huge thank you to the hours you have spent building his confidence and getting a thorough understanding which is great to have going onto his next school where he can build on this. We have seen William's ability to tackle problems hugely increase in the last year which is really pleasing to see. We are extremely grateful for all the help and encouragement you have offered him. We were doubtful as to whether the Skype would work but it proved a very effective way to teach that William really engaged in.' 

- Feedback from William's mum.

Common Entrance tuition (in person and online)

'My daughter needed some GCSE science tuition as she was struggling at school. Henrietta was reliable, friendly and knowledgeable and my daughter immediately felt comfortable with her. Over the course of the tutor sessions her confidence grew and she began to understand and enjoy science more. At her end of year test in school she did extremely well and was at the top of her class. We are very grateful to Henrietta for helping our daughter and would certainly recommend her to students looking for extra tuition.' 

- Feedback from Clara's mum.

GCSE Tuition in Core Science (in person)

'My daughter was rather reluctant to have tuition, worrying about working 1-on-1 in a subject she found challenging and lacked confidence in. However, Henrietta provided guidance and support, as well as reassurance. Henrietta is a natural at putting a student at their ease, so when we felt that Physics tuition would also be of assistance, my daughter was more than willing to add this tuition to her Maths weekly. My daughter has commented that Henrietta was able to try various methods and catering her approach to match the understanding and learning style of my daughter. This is invaluable, particularly in Maths where more than one method can be used, all helping to build confidence.

Although Natalie was at first disappointed when Henrietta moved, we then had the option to carry on with online tutoring, my daughter has said that she did not feel that she became disadvantaged in her learning and with other online support via email available outside lessons, she felt help was there for her when she needed it.

Henrietta is a great teacher, as well as a lovely lady and I would recommend nervous pupils in particular; she has made a huge difference to my daughter's confidence in her learning ability in general, she is also very encouraging. Her lesson plans are flexible and adaptable to the needs of the pupil. My daughter's growth in these subjects is reflected in comments and results from both Maths and Physics teachers at her school.' 

- Feedback from Natalie's mum.

GCSE Tuition in Maths and Physics (online and in person)

'During GCSE studies we decided to find a tutor to help build our daughter’s confidence in her learning, in particular science and maths subjects. Henrietta was recommended to me through a friend and on meeting her it was clear she would be easy to get along with. My daughter has mentioned that Henrietta was patient during tutoring sessions and also happy to spend time ensuring full understanding before starting new topics. Henrietta was able to clearly explain complex maths and science in a fun and interesting manner. My daughter’s confidence grew in both subjects which helped her during school lessons and coursework. Tuition took place both in person and online, which was far easier to establish than expected; in fact after a few online tuition sessions my daughter did not even notice the difference. We would be very happy to recommend Henrietta as a Tutor. She goes above and beyond to help students succeed.'

- Feedback from Jess's mum.

GCSE tuition in additional science and maths (online and in person)

'Henrietta has taught our son both English and Maths and it's clear that she has a way of teaching him that simply gets results. Her open, friendly but quietly firm presence gets the best out of him. We intend to use her as he progresses through the years to give him that extra dimension in addition to school. She has been particularly useful in helping him solve specific Maths and English problems himself which gives him that extra confidence in school. We would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody looking to boost their child's knowledge and technique.' 

- Feedback from Lawson's parents.

Key Stage 2 and 11 plus tuition (online and in person)