Group Tuition

One of the most distinctive features of Group Tuition is the interaction and productive discussion students can take part in. Our sessions usually run at the Exeter Phoenix but minimum student numbers apply for the course take place.

Benefits of Group Tuition:

  • Communication between pupils allows for knowledge to be shared and engaged discussion to take place.
  • Confidence builds from talking in groups, which allows independent thought and curious minds to thrive.
  • For some pupils, tuition within groups may be less daunting as they are familiar with a classroom environment.
  • By working with other students, social skills can be enriched in a group study setting.
  • A change from the school setting. As students will be from a variety of schools - peer pressure is removed and a more neutral setting can be established.
  • Teamwork skills build during group tuition, which is crucial for future university study.

11 Plus Mocks run in small groups each year in Exeter. Please contact us to find out more.