Lead Tutor & Online Specialist


Tutor Qualifications

  • Effective Online Tutoring at the University of Oxford
  • BA (Hons) Management with English 2.1 (Exeter)
  • Concord College, A levels and GCSEs

Subjects Taught

Learning Assessment
Initial Lesson
Secondary Tuition
13+ Entrance Exams
7+ Entrance Exams
11+ Entrance Exams
Primary Tuition
Maths & English


Henrietta (also known as Hettie) has been a professional tutor for over ten years and was initially based in Hampshire, where she established Sherfield Tuition. She specialises in primary tuition, entrance exam preparation and scholarship applications. Hettie's pupils have been awarded places at some of the most competitive independent and grammar schools throughout the UK.

Her interest in digital learning began when she relocated and all of her tutees wanted to continue their tuition with her. Thrilled to be able to continue working with her pupils, she looked into further training in online education. In 2015, she qualified in Effective Online Tutoring with the University of Oxford and received business support from The Prince’s Trust.

Regarded as a leading tutor in both grammar and independent school assessments, Hettie now provides consultancy to 11+ publishers to advise on topics covered, question styles and practice papers. She also volunteers with education charities, with the view that tuition and mentoring should be accessible for any young person.

‘Learning can be viewed as simply gaining knowledge or passing exams, but it’s much more than that. It’s about being confident to succeed in the future with greater self-belief, resilience and positivity.’
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