Many families decide to home school their children each year and this trend is set to continue to reach over 80,000 children being home educated in England within the next few years.

The reasons for deciding on a home education can vary and we can help support your child’s education each step of the way with a bespoke tuition programme.

Online one-to-one tuition can provide the flexibility you need and our 3, 6 or 12-month tuition plans can be a cost-effective option.

Bespoke education

Every experience in education is unique and should aim to establish motivated, happy learners from the early years. With our online home-schooling support, your child’s education is tailored to their learning needs from day one and follows a custom-made course – something simply impossible within large classes at school.

Mentoring and wellbeing

Mentoring in tuition involves pairing young people with a tutor who is also a positive role model. When incorporated effectively, mentoring can help develop character, improve confidence and increase aspirations. Mentoring can form part of academic support, homework help or peer tutoring (via small-group tuition).

We believe not only in the power of tuition, but also the positive impact mentoring can have on young people and forms part of our tuition. By inspiring critical thought, crafting self-awareness and building self-belief alongside learning, a more rounded education can be discovered.

Adaptive and personalised learning

Our home-schooling support starts with an assessment, so a personalised timetable can be created across the tuition course. Manageable homework tasks are set along with termly assessments to understand attainment.

Through adaptive and personalised tuition, we always aim to ensure your child approaches their learning with energy, happiness and positivity.