Online Learning

A girl in a striped top sits happily typing on a laptop

Excellence in online tuition

Beam Tuition prides itself in providing online tuition to families based in various locations across the UK and further afield. Online tuition is a great option if you want your child to have access to the very best and most experienced tutors without being restricted by location.

Consistent progress

With online tuition, you can take your tutor with you anywhere and stick to a consistent learning programme with us. Tutees make more progress with a regular lesson over a set timeframe and when working towards an exam.

A young boy with headphones on writes on a pad with a pencil, working in front of a tablet

Experienced, professional tutors

Online tutors often have far more experience with a range of schools as they are not limited by their postcode.  All our tutors are subject to the same enhanced DBS checks, detailed referencing and have access to continual training in digital learning.

Nurturing confidence

Unsurprisingly, tutees are normally more comfortable studying in their own home. Pupils may feel more able to ask questions or discuss solutions without the peer pressure found in schools which all helps to build independent, confident and engaged learners.

Building a love of learning

By improving positivity towards a subject, the very best outcomes of tuition can be achieved and pupils move forward with increased motivation to excel.  Through supportive, experienced and reliable tutors, online tuition delivers the same bespoke course you would expect with in-person lessons.