Our Tuition

Beam Tuition provides specialist tuition to cover primary, 11+, GCSE and scholarship support. There are many reasons why families often find a tutor. The most likely reason is due to a pupil struggling at school and losing confidence in a subject as a result. Another could be for support with entrance exams, (7+ to 13+) or when moving to a new school to provide catch-up classes. The support provided by an expert tutor is invaluable. Finding a tutor with relevant experience, knowledge and empathy are critical to helping your child’s education.

More than gaining knowledge

Learning can be viewed as simply gaining knowledge, but it’s much more than that. It is about being confident to succeed in the future with greater awareness and resilience. Our tutors provide a bespoke and tailored learning plan for each tutee, something which schools sadly do not have time to cater for.

Experience counts

Increasingly large classes, changing teachers and classroom disruption can quickly lead to a young person falling behind and losing heart in a subject they may have initially enjoyed. Beam Tuition can help. Through experienced tutors, we can explain topics tailored to the preferred learning style of the pupil and as tuition is in the comfort of your own home, tutees are happy to ask questions and thrive in a more relaxed setting.