Beam Tuition's Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about the 11+,  check the list here for an answer - if you can't find the answer you are looking for, you can chat with us if we are online, or you can head over to the contact page.

How does Online Tuition work?

Online tuition is very similar to in-person lessons. Although your tutor will deliver the lesson via Teams, both tutor and tutee will have the same books or worksheets to refer to. Our tutors teach from quiet home offices. We avoid using digital whiteboards in our lessons as they can cause distractions, in particular for younger age groups. Instead, our tutors make lesson notes throughout or send example solutions to a question, which can then be stored alongside each session. Homework tasks are also set digitally and pupils normally send their completed work back before their next lesson.

How much tuition does a child need for the 11-plus exam?

This can depend on your child’s current attainment in English and maths. A recent school report or academic assessment can indicate areas that your child may need more support in. Many families start looking for an 11+ tutor in Year 4 and begin tuition, at the latest, by the start of Year 5. By doing so, this ensures there is enough time to go back through Year 4 work if needs be and by enquiring early, may help to ascertain how much availability your preferred tutor may have. The 11+ grammar school exam is taken at the start of Year 6.

Are all 11-plus exam boards the same?

No, not all 11+ exam boards are the same. They may share topics and be in multiple-choice answer formats, but timings and the inclusion of creative writing tasks can vary from school to school. The best source of information can be found on the schools’ or councils’ websites. The main grammar school exam boards are CSSE, GL, CEM and FSCE.

Do you set homework tasks on 11-plus topics?

Yes, we normally set homework tasks each week for your child. This builds independent learning and continually assesses attainment throughout the course of tuition. We also feel homework enables the opportunity for your child to complete a variety of 11+ questions whilst still having the support of our tutors if they find any homework questions challenging

Will you teach my child how to answer 11-plus questions quickly?

Working at speed is something our tutors teach later on in the course of tuition. We do this so there is a strong foundation of knowledge in each subject area first and to build greater independent thought in approaching a variety of questions. We never lose sight of the fact that the 11+ exam boards can change their question styles at any point and often with minimal warning, so having a strong understanding of topics is crucial.

Can you guarantee a pass in the 11-plus exam?

Unfortunately, we would never be able to guarantee your child passing the exam. In preparation for the 11-plus exam, we hope to increase your child’s confidence in maths, verbal reasoning, English and non-verbal reasoning, whilst also being prepared for the challenges any exam environment can present. We will do all we can to prepare your child for the 11+ exam and our pupils normally fly through Year 6 having studied advanced topics during their tuition course.

When do I apply for my child to take the 11-plus exam?

This varies by each region, but the deadline is normally set around the May or June of Year 5. It is always worth keeping an eye on the school’s website for updates.