6 Reasons To Study Maths

A blog exploring six wonderful reasons to study maths and enjoy it!

June 19, 2021
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Are you somebody who is thinking about learning Maths in the future? Or are you studying it already but don’t understand the point of it?  As a Maths undergraduate, I know that it can be a very divisive subject for students. However, I thought I’d let you how much fun, and really useful, Maths can be by sharing with you some of my top reasons to study the subject:

1. Maths helps your other subjects.

The problem-solving and numeracy skills you learn from Maths can be applied to lots of different situations. Whether it is doing a calculation following a science experiment or working out how long ago a historic event took place, you will be a step ahead of the game.

2. Maths is fun.

Yes, you may find it challenging when you are stuck on a problem but you will get great satisfaction when you find the answer. As you do more, your confidence will improve and you will become better at answering new questions.

3. Maths is a universal language.

The principles that you learn are exactly the same as those learnt across the world. I remember experiencing this during a German Exchange programme I took part in at school. Even though my German was not at the same level as my native peers, I got excited that I could understand what was going on during Maths lessons.

4. Maths can help with everyday life.

If you need to work out when you need to get to the station on time or how much your shopping will cost, you will be transferring the maths skills you have learnt to problems around you in the real world.

5. Maths can lead to a great job.

Employers really value the skills you pick up when learning Maths and this can lead to some extremely interesting careers. You might want to work in disaster management and predict the probability of an earthquake or be an engineer and model the air flow around a racing car.

6. Maths can be beautiful.

Yes, I did use the word beautiful. Maths can explain some amazing natural phenomena, such as the arrangement of petals on a flower and the pattern of stripes on a zebra.


As you can see, Maths can be a great subject to study. It has so many practical and theoretical applications and can be really enjoyable as well. So I hope that if you were lacking some Maths motivation, or were unsure if it was the right subject for you, you now have a few more reasons to study this great subject.